Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 biggest takeaways from The Peaches of Tokyo

Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo
Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo /
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4. Marlo Hampton deserves to be a full time Housewife next season 

Love her or hate her, Marlo Hampton is the perfect blend of hilarious and messy and deserves to be given a peach next season. It’s shocking that Marlo isn’t already a full time Housewife given how much she’s brought to the series over the years. She has consistently delivered drama every single season but has never been fully rewarded for her contributions. This season has been even more of a breakout season for Marlo than last season. Whether it’s attempting to dress Shamari, hilariously losing a fashion competition to Tanya, or calling Shamari’s momma a bitch, she is always entertaining bright spot in an otherwise slow season.

Marlo losing her bags in The Peaches of Tokyo episode was both dark and comical at the same time. It really sucks for Marlo that she lost all of her bags, but that situation would not be nearly as funny happening to anyone else. Marlo is all about clothing and fashion and labels so losing her designer outfits definitely left her in a foul mood. If losing her clothing wasn’t enough, the way she talked to Nene and the other ladies about it all was insane. While Eva’s grandfather is dying and Nene’s husband is battling cancer, Marlo is flipping out because nobody offered her underarm  deodorant.

Andy Cohen. Bravo. If anyone is listening, PLEASE GIVE MARLO A PEACH!