David Beador is growing his hair out and spoiling his younger girlfriend

David Beador has just divorced Shannon Beador, but his new girlfriend is celebrating their relationship on Instagram with a trip to Idaho.

David Beador seems to be on a new mission in life. He wants to start over and move on from his failed marriage to Shannon Beador. While David isn’t on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, it’s clear that he’s a big topic of discussion. Shannon is clearly still trying to figure out what went wrong in their marriage. She just wants to move on, but it’s clear that she’s hurt by the fact that David found a much younger woman just months after their split.

But David Beador doesn’t seem to care about people not liking him these days. He has revealed that he thinks it’s horrible that Shannon Beador continues to speak about their divorce on The Real Housewives of Orange County because it hurts their three children. But fans were quick to come to her defense, revealing that David is to blame as he was the one who divorced Shannon, cheated on her, and ruined the family.

💙✨ Thanks love for an amazing birthday trip! ✨💙

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His new girlfriend, Lesley Cook, appears to be loving life with David Beador. The two have been traveling together and he’s doing things for her that he would never for Shannon. Plus, it seems that David is growing his hair out, possibly to look younger to suit his new lifestyle.

The divorce was tough on their three kids and there are reports that they didn’t to speak to David Beador after he decided to divorce Shannon. They were the ones that found out he was cheating on Shannon in the first place. Lesley was not the woman he was having an affair with.

What do you think about David Beador changing his looks, as he’s enjoying his life with his girlfriend?