Bethenny Frankel documents wedding with Dennis Shields by her side

Bethenny Frankel has recently revealed that she doesn’t know what she and Dennis Shields are – but they attended a wedding together this weekend.

Bethenny Frankel has revealed that she doesn’t know whether she and Dennis Shields are meant to be together. The two seems to really want something together, but they can’t seem to find too much time for each other. Frankel recently revealed that she has a busy schedule, and Dennis appears to be just as busy. Of course, he has children he has to tend to as well, but they know Bethenny and they seem happy for them.

OnThe Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel revealed that they were back together after splitting recently. On Twitter, Bethenny revealed that she was in New Orleans this weekend for a wedding and while she did share plenty of details about the event, where Bryn was also a guest, she didn’t talk about romance herself. However, in an Instagram Live post, Bethenny captured Dennis Shields, sitting next to her in a hotel room.

It’s clear that these two are still going strong, as he will travel to New Orleans with Bethenny and her daughter Bryn to attend a wedding. It’s uncertain who got married, but one of Bethenny’s assistants was a bridesmaid.

While Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, isn’t a big part of this season of The Real Housewives of New York, it sounds like Luann de Lesseps’ ex-husband, Thomas D’Agostino, continues to play a role. Even though Luann and Thomas divorced in the fall of last year, her marriage and his bachelor ways will continue to play a role in this season of the show

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel still seeing Dennis and even attending a wedding together?