James Kennedy drops his White Kanye nickname after controversy

James Kennedy reveals he has dropped his DJ nickname, the White Kanye, after his recent controversy.

James Kennedy admired Kanye West for his music career and one could argue that he looked up to Kanye for years, while he worked as a DJ and music producer. James never talked about what he specifically admired about Kanye, but it’s possible that it was his music, his success and his ability to manage the public life with the family life. But this week, Kanye lost 9 million followers over his open political support for Donald Trump. In addition, he made some outrageous comments about slavery being a choice.

While millions of people distanced themselves from Kanye West, James Kennedy decided it was time to retire his nickname. Kennedy had used Vanderpump Rules and his growing social media following to build his name. On Twitter, he called himself the White Kanye. However, after political statements and him saying slavery was a choice, James decided it was time to depart from his nickname.

On Twitter, James Kennedy announced it was time to let White Kanye rest in peace. He didn’t explain why, but he changed his Twitter name to his real name, James Kennedy.

Of course, it could be helpful to his growing DJ career to use his own name. While he may see himself as the White Kanye, he’s starting to be recognized as James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules. He also has an accent which helps him out. He doesn’t need to use someone else’s career and success to build his own. He is doing just fine. But he could take a few lessons from Kanye, including his decision to talk about politics.

What do you think of James Kennedy’s decision to leave White Kanye in the past? Do you think it’s the right thing to do?