Brielle Biermann is accused of photoshopping pictures of herself

Brielle Biermann recently showed off some photos of herself, but fans were quick to point out that they looked photoshopped.

Brielle Biermann didn’t really appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this past season, but she made an impression on the wives thanks to her mother, Kim Zolciak. During a white party hosted by NeNe Leakes, Brielle somehow showed up and used her bathroom. While in the bathroom, she spotted roaches on the floor. NeNe saw it as a dig that the video was later shared online, even though Brielle didn’t do it. Her mother Kim decided to share it with the world.

During the reunion, Kim was forced to defend her daughter. But instead, it seemed like she just put a bigger target on her daughter’s back. The Don’t Be Tardy star revealed that Brielle probably made more money than some of her co-stars. This caused fans to dig deeper into Biermann’s finances, discovering that she charged $100 for a social media shout out.

But this newfound attention has also resulted in people being critical of her. Brielle Biermann recently shared some photos of herself from a beach vacation, but people were quick to call her out for photoshopping her own body. One person revealed that another tabloid had published the same photos, just unedited.

While filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim revealed that people should leave her daughter alone as children and husbands are off limits. However, Kim had no problem going after Kenya Moore’s husband on the show, and she keeps reminding fans that Brielle is a legal adult. At some point, Brielle will have to address the backlash from her actions.

What do you think about Brielle Biermann photoshopping her photos? Do you think she’s learning a thing or two from her mother?