Bethenny Frankel is on Erika Girardi’s side in amnesia drama

Bethenny Frankel usually speaks her mind, so when she got caught up on the drama from Beverly Hills, she reveals that she would have acted the same way as Erika Girardi over ‘pretend amnesia’ comment.

Bethenny Frankel recently admitted that she hadn’t been keeping up with her favorite television shows, so she asked fans to fill her in on what was worth watching. While fans told her to watch Vanderpump Rules on Monday night, it sounds like she’s taking her time and getting caught up with the housewives in Beverly Hills. Over the past couple of weeks, Erika Girardi has been unhappy with Teddi Mellencamp over the “pretend amnesia” comments.

Many viewers were furious with Erika for the way she handled the situation. Many felt that she completely blew things out of proportion and people threatened to boycott the book she was about to release. In fact, Erika hasn’t seen much support from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers. However, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she would have done the same thing as Erika. Apparently, she doesn’t like to be called out for forgetting things either.

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On Twitter, Bethenny revealed that she would have handled the situation the exact same way as Erika Girardi and she points out that she wouldn’t have felt the need to apologize to anyone for the way she remembered things. It’s interesting that Frankel is coming to Erika’s defense, considering so many people have turned their back on her. Despite apologizing to Teddi, it sounds like Erika may not be able to redeem herself with fans.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel coming to Erika Girardi’s defense? Do you think she should advise Erika on how to proceed now that people are boycotting her book over her mean girl attitude?

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